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[CQ-Contest] Great experiences with I.C.E.!!!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Great experiences with I.C.E.!!!
From: ramirezk@emi.com (Ken N4UK)
Date: Fri Jun 6 08:57:37 1997
            In defense of I.C.E. I want to say that I have had 
nothing but EXCELLENT service from their technical support team 
and their line of band pass filters have worked superbly for us 
down in Puerto Rico.
            Two years ago we accidentally blew up the station's 
20m BPFthe day before the contest. A quick call to ICE and they 
offered to overnight the replacement parts to KP4 free of 
charge! (I paid for postage)
            Earlier this year I sent them the whole set of 
filters for upgrading with the contest fast approaching and was 
surprised to find a complete new set of filters showing up at my 
door. We weren't even billed for shipping! Now this is customer 
service at its best! The I.C.E. Bandpass filters are the MOST 
important accessory at the WP3X Multi-Multi station. 
            I am most appreciative of the service I have 
received from I.C.E. It's a nice feeling knowing that you can 
count on them when the going gets rough! It's just one less 
thing to worry about when down in the Caribbean!                
                                      73 Ken N4UK
                               Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP3X      
On Fri, 6 Jun 1997, "Danny MEES" <on7nq@glo.be> wrote:
> Hello Tom & others...
> My experience with ICE has NOT been good either...allthough 
their filters,
> remotes and lightning arrestors are superb quality...
> Had to wait 5 months on the catalog , 4 months to receive the 
> items..
> About 5 months ago I requested a 97 catalog...still nada !
> However recently I found out that RadioWare sells ICE filters 
& stuff...
> Don?t know if they are ICE dealer but it may be a better 
> Tom , if you need the RadioWare URL , e-mail me direct...
>  Hope this info is any use to you...
> 73 es gd DX/Contesting
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         73 Ken n4uk
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