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[CQ-Contest] Real signal reports rule enforcement

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Real signal reports rule enforcement
From: CP2235@aol.com (CP2235@aol.com)
Date: Sat Jun 7 14:17:06 1997
Bill, W7TI wrote

<< Or how about requiring a TRUE signal report?  You'd only need two
 1.  Anyone who sent the same report (599) to every station would be
 2.  The report you log would have to match what the other guy sent.
 A true signal report would be quite useful in evaluating one's station
 over the course of a contest and a lot more interesting than a bunch
 of serial numbers.

I like this idea, because it is true what Bill says about the usefulness, but
see difficulties in realizing it. After all you just implement a random rst
generator into the logging software and thats it. The other problem is that i
am sure many casual contesters who only give you some points like to give you
599 because they are also used to give it to DX-peditions and other pile-up
type operations. Still I like the idea. Please keep thinking about it. I am
not for abolishing rsts. Just would like to make exchangings more meaningful
and more difficult to copy (!!)

73 Con DF4SA

Cornelius Paul                   DF4SA                 CP2235@aol.com

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