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[CQ-Contest] An attempt to encourage real RSTs

Subject: [CQ-Contest] An attempt to encourage real RSTs
From: CP2235@aol.com (CP2235@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jun 9 08:08:57 1997
Hi contesters,

everybody out of the group who likes to exchange real (with all the critical
comments from K3WW in mind) or at least varying RSTs (e.g. at least a 559 to
the stations we have had repeating the exchange 5 times) please JUST START TO
DO IT. As I am surprised (and pleased) to see there are a lot out there who
would like a little more diversion in the exchangings I feel that if just
enough people (and even "serious big guns) start picking up that practice
maybe things change that way. The occasional caller will just feel
comfortable replying with a 569 (56N) instead of 5NN. I think this is an
issue we can change by just doing it if we want to. It is only a question of
how many join.
And yes, Ernesto, I am still using CT (and like it) but I might consider
switching over to TR...

Looking forward to see you in the next ones.

73 Con DF4SA

Cornelius Paul        DF4SA            CP2235@aol.com

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