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[CQ-Contest] 599 etc.

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 599 etc.
Date: Mon Jun 9 10:32:38 1997
Many folks argue that current contest software makes sending or logging
something other than 599 difficult ... verrrry true - which has always
been my major complaint about CT ... and I predicted five years ago,
when CT first came out that it would be the end of signal reports - I'm
surprised they survived this long - 

But the contest sponsor's current thinking to NOT change any rules! 
Don't change shorten hours, don't change dates, don't change xchanges,
or point scoring.  About the only changes we've seen in the past FIFTEEN
YEARS is the addition of SOA catagories.  And some new contests like

Why soooo staid? Think back to the 70s when there were a lotta changes
-  most of them "updates" for the good.  Shortening the ARRLDX to one
weekend, shortening SS to thirty hours, changing SS xchange, 

Now we have CACs, and internet and etc ..... and contesting has become
more "staid" than ever!  


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