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[CQ-Contest] TOEC WW GRID Contest

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TOEC WW GRID Contest
From: Jan-Eric.Rehn@ccmail.svt.se (Jan-Eric.Rehn@ccmail.svt.se)
Date: Tue Jun 10 12:18:00 1997
  Hello fellow contesters,

  Just a reminder of TOEC WW GRID Contest SSB this coming weekend.
  June 14, 1200z - June 15, 1200z.
  (The CW part is August 23 - 24).

  You can find the complete rules on SM3CER Contest Service at URL:


  You can find information about 215 contests on these pages,
  with rules for 191 contests and the site is still growing...

  The site is optimized for 640x480, 256 colors, Netscape 3.0 and MS
  Explorer 3.0.

  If you don't find your contest in the calendar or if you find some
  please send me the rules or the correction. I need some help from you
  with a few rules and dates to get the calendar accurate.

  73 de Jan

  Jan-Eric Rehn/SM3CER
  SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
  sm3cer@contesting.com    (at home)
  jan-eric.rehn@svt.se          (at work)
  http://www.sk3bg.se      (SK3BG - Sundsvall Radio Amateurs - Sweden)
  http://www.sk3bg.se/contest   (SM3CER Contest Service)

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