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[CQ-Contest] When is the All-Asia CW TEST?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] When is the All-Asia CW TEST?
From: kenkeeler@worldnet.att.net (Ken Keeler)
Date: Tue Jun 10 21:34:21 1997

Does anyone know when the CW All-Asia DX test will be held?  The
announcements in CQ, QST, NCJ, WorldRadio, etc., are in disagreement
between June 14-15 and June 21-22, 1997.  

Last year's results/contest announcements from JARL usually arrive by mail
months after the following year's contest - too late.  Maybe a rep from
JARL on the list knows the real dates?  (Note that the Asia-Pacific Sprint
is June 14, 1230-1430Z, per QST.)

Is there a web site with a reliable contest calendar?  (I've haven't looked

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