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[CQ-Contest] DX Contest Claimed Scores

Subject: [CQ-Contest] DX Contest Claimed Scores
From: blunt@arrl.org (Lunt, Billy, KR1R)
Date: Thu Jun 12 12:17:00 1997
There seems to be some concern about contest entries for the ARRL 
International DX Contest.

We recently posted a list of claimed scores on the ARRL Web Page. The list 
is not complete. It listed entries that were already in our database. We 
still have a few more to enter, along with a few "problem" entries (missing 
some info).

We will be listing a newer version of the claimed scores soon, and also 
shortly after that, we will post the phone scores.

Listing claimed scores is a practice that we want to continue. It serves us 
both well. You will want to check the ARRL Web Page often, as we will be 
posting more claimed scores for other contests as well.

We will also be re-organizing the Contest Page on the ARRL Web to make it 
easier to use and locate items.

We would appreciate any feedback on our progress.


Billy Lunt, KR1R
Contest Manager, ARRL

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