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[CQ-Contest] Yaesu parts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Yaesu parts
From: py2yp@pobox.com (py2yp@pobox.com)
Date: Sun Jun 15 10:13:03 1997
Hello All,

I did send a few weeks ago a help request on this reflector about wiring
the FT-1000MP serial cable to PC computer.
First of all I'd like to thanks everyone that e-mail me the hints which
were very helpfull. The cable and softwares worked fine on other radios.
Unfortunately I found out that the radio serial port is damaged. I
e-mailed to Yaesu in Miami but got no reply.
Does anyone know from where I can order the IC MAX232WE (Q5006 on
Control Unit circuit)? The company must ship abroad and charge VISA.
Thanks in advance.

73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar
(ZZ2Z in the contests)

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