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[CQ-Contest] BV Taiwan Contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] BV Taiwan Contesting
From: sm3sgp@hotmail.com (Gus Widell)
Date: Wed Jun 18 20:37:05 1997

I have been in Taipei Taiwan since April, and will stay another 4 
months. So far I have not been on the air from here, but have recived an 
operating licens which I can operate as BV2/SM3SGP with. I'm not allowed 
to bring any radios with me into Taiwan, only operate from existing 

Have not been in contact with any BV-hams, tried but no answers.

If you need an extra operator, DX or Contest operations in this part of 
the world, please let me know. I've not been on the air for a while and 
am starving to make some QSO:s.

Send an e-mail to:
Fax: +886 2 747 1088

73 de Gus, BV2/SM3SGP

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