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[CQ-Contest] Radio Comparision

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio Comparision
From: k4isv@westky.com (Bud)
Date: Thu Jun 19 23:48:17 1997
Scott Millick wrote:
> I was recently hit by lightning and the 940 is gone according to Kenwood
> If you had ur choice of the following radios what would it be and why
> Kenwood 950SDX
> Yaseu FT-1000D
> Yaseu FT-1000MP
> ICOM 775 DSP
> Thank for your opinions
> K9SM  Scott Millick
> 907 Big Four Ave.
> Hillsboro, Il  62049
> 217 532-3837
> smillick@cillnet.com
> Packet via KD9SG

Well Scott u certaintly have no bad choices listed.  Possibly there is
no right answer untill more about your operating is known.  I have
serveral rigs in a contest environment and each type has a purpose.
Would you believe the 20m station uses a ts-830s ( i still think it is a
great radio-- if u dont have to change bands, hi)

I use the 950 on the 40m station, and another on the combo 10m and
160 station.  i use the ft1000 on the 80m es 15m station.  

Overall my vote has always been with kenwood but i must tell you i
think the ft1000d is the best rig in my shack!  im drooling for a 1000mp
--- so, my vote goes for doing away with the icom choice first...
then toss a coin-- ( unless u need the 200 w from the 1000d)

you will enjoy any of these rigs--

73, bud  k4isv

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