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[CQ-Contest] Radio Comparison

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio Comparison
From: morel@shani.net (morel)
Date: Fri Jun 20 10:17:05 1997

I checked all these four rigs on same antennas and my choice
was FT-1000D. If you don't need  a dual cross band receiver,
a 200W output and a heavy duty rig, you can choose FT-1000MP. 
The IC-775DSP was the last on my preferences list ; his receiver performance 
was quite far from the 1000's when the conditions
were bad and harshly power line noise was present. I had same 
impression in a contest 20m receiving environment  when the
conditions were good and with plenty of eastern and southern 
european strong and "large" signals . 

On the TX audio quality, the TS-950SDX was the best ( in my very
subjective opinion ).

On the DSP issue: on transmit audio the most effective was the
TS-950SDX.  No dramatic improvements on RX on any of the four
rigs in SSB. They all perform equally well in CW but the real 
challenge is on SSB random noise conditions. I didn't feel any
differences between the internal RX EDSP of FT-1000MP to
external FT-1000D DSP-59Y based on TimeWave 599ZX DSP
unit. DSP-59Y is more flexible than MPs EDSP but needs many 
interfacing cables. Don't be fooled about so called "IF DSP filtering"
claims: there is still a loooong way to true IF DSP filtering. The global
effectiveness of all actual DSP internal or external units sold on today
ham market is still far away from our real needs, due to technological

To make a long story short: I choosed for myself a FT-1000D but for
those looking for the best cost / effective rig, I'll recommend the
73 de Morel, 4X1AD 
Scott Millick wrote:
> I was recently hit by lightning and the 940 is gone according to Kenwood
> If you had ur choice of the following radios what would it be and why
> Kenwood 950SDX
> Yaesu FT-1000D
> Yaesu FT-1000MP
> ICOM 775 DSP

> K9SM  Scott Millick

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