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[CQ-Contest] Radio Comparison

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio Comparison
From: kimo@lava.net (Kimo C. Chun)
Date: Fri Jun 20 12:31:54 1997
>I was recently hit by lightning and the 940 is gone according to Kenwood
>If you had ur choice of the following radios what would it be and why
>Kenwood 950SDX
>Yaseu FT-1000D
>Yaseu FT-1000MP


It seems Morel and Bud have kind of covered it. We have used all but the
ICOM 775 DSP at the multi-multi contest station here. Since performance
issues can be subjective I may as well give you REAL subjective.

Most of the gang here pefers the 1000mp. It is a little more user friendly
and we have no major complaints on performance. Certainly the price is right.

Some in  our gang have the 950SDX and 1000D so there is no clear winner. I
personally like the 1000mp (one is mine) because it is so easy to use combi-
nations of filters (if you drop the $1K for all of them) and with the red
and green combo switch/LED's(?) on each of the two VFO's give you instant
feed back when you are doing 40 split. The 1000D doesn't do this nor as
elegantly. The new FT920 does,too, I believe.

Besides, I think the FT1000mp is one good looking radio (doesn't that count
for something?)

You having owned an 940 should be able to figure out the 950SDX but as a
neophyte I found it a little confusing. Practice makes perfect, though.

We are currently using FT1000mp's, TS930's, IC-781, TS-850, TS-830S and

Good luck in your search.

Aloha, 73

Kimo Chun


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