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Subject: No subject
From: smillick@cillnet.com (Scott Millick)
Date: Sat Jun 21 18:46:30 1997
Well I asked for you you gave it to me. 

The question was what radio do you think is best between the following

Kenwood TS-950SDX
Yaseu FT-1000D
Yaseu FT-1000MP
Icom 775DSP

The results are as follows

Yaseu FT-1000D    23
Yaseu FT-1000MP   17
Ten-Tec Omni VI    7
Kenwood TS-950SDX  2
Icom 775DSP        2
Kenwood TS-870     2
Icom 781           1

It was interesting that the Ten-Tec got votes and I never listed them, but
even worse they beat the Kenwood and Icom.

There is little doubt that Yaseu is now the leader in HF and the only
argument is the D versus the MP. It will be interesting when the new D is
brought out I guess in a year or so.

Let me know if anyone has comments

K9SM  Scott Millick
907 Big Four Ave.
Hillsboro, Il  62049

217 532-3837
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