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[CQ-Contest] New Canadian Sections

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Canadian Sections
From: kl7y@Alaska.NET (Dan Robbins)
Date: Sat Jun 21 16:54:27 1997
VE6SH wrote:
>Several amateurs(VEs and US) have expressed concern that this new section
will be difficult
>to work and in particular may impede one's ability to obtain a clean sweep
in SS. There is no
>doubt NL will be one of the more difficult sections to work, but in
response I would point out the
>most difficult section to work(NWT/YT-which is not a "section" but that is
another story) has
>less than 200 amateurs with one active contester(VY1JA) while NL has in
excess of 1000
>amateurs with 3 or 4 stations active in contests(VO1NA, VO1MP etc).
I dunno, VY1/VE8 never seemed too tough to me.  VE2 and MAR are my toughest,
I suspect VO1/VO2 will be even worse.  You gotta have the proper
geographical perspective....

                                Dan KL7Y

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