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[CQ-Contest] N2AA prelude

Subject: [CQ-Contest] N2AA prelude
From: KR2Q@worldnet.att.net (Douglas Zwiebel)
Date: Sun Jun 22 14:41:29 1997
Just thought I would mention how I found out about Gene.
I had just gotten home from an adventure with the family
when the phone started to ring.  My wife got it and chatted
for a while then handed me the phone and looked concerned.
It was Bob Cox.  He asked how Gene was doing and I said,
"how should I know."  Then Bob told me that one of Gene's
sons had called him and told him that Gene was gg into the hospital.

After speaking with Gene today, I found out that dear old Gene,
that devoted log checker, had asked one of his sons to call Bob to tell
him that he would be missing the next deadline for some CQWWCC
matters.  So here he is, on the way to emergency surgery, and
look what he is thinking about.  MY KIND OF GUY!

de Doug  KR2Q

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