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[CQ-Contest] no more All Asia for me-7Z5OO

Subject: [CQ-Contest] no more All Asia for me-7Z5OO
From: je1cka@dumpty.nal.go.jp (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Wed Jun 25 11:42:03 1997
on 97/06/24, Kelly Taylor writes:

> A comment about the check-log controversy surrounding logs using CT:

> IMHO, this is no way to encourage participation. Given that the majority 
> of contesters use CT, and given that in the paper days, nobody was 
> penalized for a log that looked like this:

> NR   UTC  Band Call    Sent   Rec'd
> 001 1200Z 20m  VE4VV   59 04  59 04
> 002 1201Z 20m  XE1XTC  "  "   59 06
> 003 1201Z 20m  K2VV           59 05

CT does not generate such logs in All Asia Contest.
No sent numbers in log and only the words like "All RS(T) is 59(9) otherwise 
stated" in summary sheet. This is not the complete log.

> it seems a touch sensitive on the AA committee's part to get all hot and 
> bothered over this. 

> Disqualifications, cautions, etc. should be used for rules violations. 
> This is not a violation of rules, merely a different way of indicating 
> sent/rec'd exchanges.

But imcomplete logs must not be handled same other complete logs.

No I don't think. All the report which received and sent must be clearly 
shown on the logs or summary sheet. If not, it is imcomplete log.

This is my opinion as JIDX Contest Committee chairman.
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