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[CQ-Contest] Signing

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Signing
From: w4an@contesting.com (Bill Fisher, W4AN)
Date: Tue Jun 24 21:12:09 1997
>>> This goes on for about 25 QSOs without the DX station signing his call
>>>  as I
>>>  grow more and more impatient. Finally I decide to do something.

I don't wait.  If he doesn't sign his callsign in what I believe is a
reasonable amount of time... he gets my call dumped at him.

When it becomes more of a problem to not sign than it does to sign, the
problem will go away.  These guys dont sign now because they believe they
are going faster and are only concerned with THEIR rate.  Be as selfish as
they are... dump it in.  


Bill, W4AN - Before and after EVERY QSO.

Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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