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[CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix

Subject: [CQ-Contest] X5 Prefix
From: AD1C@tiac.net (Jim Reisert)
Date: Tue Jun 24 23:12:48 1997
At 02:39 PM 6/23/97 -0700, Bill Bosler wrote:
>I keep working stations with X5 prefixes. Is this a legitimate prefix
>and for what country?? I worked a station in Banja Luka over the
>weekend. What country is it in these days? (It should be Bosnia) I think
>the call was X5BYZ. ( I don't have my logbook in front of me.)

The is not the DX reflector but I'll answer anyway:

The X5 prefix is used by Serbs operating in Bosnia.  They are NOT licensed
by Bosnia.  They don't count for DXCC, or as a country multiplier in any DX
contest that I know of.  Only T9 stations count as Bosnia.

4O4D is also heard from time to time, same story.

73 - Jim AD1C

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