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[CQ-Contest] Official Position: X5

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Official Position: X5
From: KR2Q@worldnet.att.net (Douglas Zwiebel)
Date: Thu Jun 26 15:12:01 1997
Dear Contesters,

The only licensing authority in T9 is the T9 PTT. 
The only official amateur PX for Bosnia-Herzegovina is T9.

All CQ contests follow the countries on the DXCC list. If a country
is not on the DXCC list it is not a country. Exception: WAE
countries counted in the CQWW.

1. X5 is NOT a DXCC country, WAE country or ITU recognized PX. 


2. X5 qso's do NOT count in ANY CQ contest. 
3. X5 qso's appearing in a log are removed without penalty. 
4. No point and no multiplier credit is allowed for X5.

CQ WW Committee

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