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[CQ-Contest] Dave, K8CC in the hospital

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Dave, K8CC in the hospital
From: tduffy@sygnet.com (Duffy, Tim)
Date: Fri Jun 27 12:13:40 1997
Dave Pruett, K8CC, author of the popular NA program and multi-multi 
station owner/operator suffered a minor stroke last Sunday (June 22).

I spoke with Dave this morning and he is doing very well. He should be 
released from the hospital in in the next day or so. His doctors have 
said that a full recovery should be expected. 

I am certain Dave would enjoy any get well cards or EMAIL. Use Dave's 
callbook adr for US Mail. Dave's EMAIL is K8CC@contesting.com.

Dave told me that the current NA version 10.18 is solid for use on Field 
Day. Registered NA 10 users may download 10.18 from the Datom BBS service 
at 412-528-8877.

I am sure Dave will be back on EMAIL soon, but he will require a period 
of rest before all is back to normal.

Please keep Dave's recovery in your thoughts and prayers.

Tim K3LR

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