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[CQ-Contest] Text Editor for .BIN Files?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Text Editor for .BIN Files?
From: ae327@lafn.ORG (ae327@lafn.ORG)
Date: Sat Jun 21 12:02:41 1997
I help with the checking of logs for a large contest. We receive a few 
binary log files that have been somehow corrupted that I am unable to 
decode. These are usually .BIN files from K1EA's CT program.

I can look at the files with a viewer, such as X-Tree, and see where 
the file is corrupted. If it were a text file, I could just edit out 
the corrupt line, where the entrant might loose one contact, and then our 
software would decode the rest of the file.

I have used Norton Utilities to edit individual characters, but can't 
delete lines, or add or delete characters.

Does anyone know of software that can edit .BIN files in a manner 
similar to the way in which word-processors edit text files? What I 
am looking for is ability to press delete while on a character, and 
all the following parts of the file will move up one space, filling 
the hole.

Note that this problem goes away if people send in the .ALL files. 
This is something we learned with experience.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Dick Norton, N6AA         ae327@lafn.org

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