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[CQ-Contest] Re: aviation headsets

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: aviation headsets
From: leith@inhb.co.nz (Leith Jennings)
Date: Sun Jun 1 11:42:32 1997
> I found several aviation headsets (Telex, Elno etc) in our hangar.
> It seems too heavy for contesting.
> But I guess It has very good noise-attenuation for
> noise of CQ-Contest on the other bands in our small m/m-shack.
> Does anyone use aviation headsets in multi-multi station?

I use a Telex aviation headset but have replaced the cartridge with a 
Heil cartridge and have replaced the earphone speakers with 8.0 ohm 
speakers because of the poor performance due to wrong impedences for 
amateur radio equipment. I have two Telex sets for six and they work very 
welll indeed. Very comfortable and very rugged
73 de Lee ZL2AL
Leith (Lee) Jennings  ZL2AL - ex ZL8RI, ZL7AA, VE3LJ, VE3OE
Email - leith@inhb.co.nz    "The worst day of DXing is infinitely
                              better than the best day working"

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