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[CQ-Contest] Signal reports

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Signal reports
From: w2xx@cloud9.net (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Wed Jun 4 11:43:15 1997
> I am curious whether serious contesters feel the same way.  That is, do
> you send 599 just to save time and effort in transmitting, and on the
> receiving end you would just as soon get honest reports, or does
> receiving honest reports slow you down and annoy you?

Personally, it doesn't bother me to receive real signal reports.
It has negligible effect on rate, as most of the software makes
it easy to enter a "non-standard" report.

73, J.P. W2XX
J.P. Kleinhaus, W2XX  (fdba AA2DU)
E-mail:  w2xx@cloud9.net

As we say in the software business:  "You are hosed."  

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