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[CQ-Contest] Antenna performance

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Antenna performance
From: thommo@caribsurf.com (Stephen Thompson)
Date: Wed Sep 17 18:28:26 1997
 Hello Everyone,

After entering last weekend's WAE SSB contest I was a bit dissapointed
at the performance of my Alpha Delta DX-CC antenna on 80 M. It is
mounted on a mast in an inverted V about 40 ft high and compared to my
previous antenna, a 92 ft long inverted V mounted at the same height
and in the same direction, it doesn't seem to rx & tx as good as the
previous antenna.

Can anyone who has used this antenna please let me know how well it
worked for you?.  Also, if anyone has used the DX-KT 160 M add on kit
for this antenna please let me know of its's performance.

73 de Stephen Thompson, 8P6CV.

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