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[CQ-Contest] sprint on ba

Subject: [CQ-Contest] sprint on ba
From: k5yf@wt.net (Larry Johnson)
Date: Tue Sep 16 03:23:18 1997
 Well, I couldn't resist. Was bringing up a National 303, Hallicrafters
HT-37 and HT-41 for the first time this weekend, decided to see how things
were getting out, and chose to work a couple of qso's in the sprint.
Actually handed out 4, two where I returned a cq and two where I then had
the freq. Took me several minutes to get a rythm down of zero-beating
someone that was calling cq. Obviously I was getting out, worked a K4, N9,
W6, and WA7. Don't know if they had any problems hearing me but don't think
so...Hmm...I must be a masochist, but maybe I'll work the next sprint on

Larry Johnson
Internet: k5yf@wt.net
Houston, TX 

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