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[CQ-Contest] Whose contest is this anyways?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Whose contest is this anyways?
From: margoh@compuserve.com (Hill, Russell C.)
Date: Sun Feb 1 18:48:50 1998
Hello All:
Along this thread, some time back I sent a suggestion to the Contest
Advisory Committee that there be a "standard" classification which would be
100 watts and a single tower limited to 50 or 60 or 70 feet or whatever, so
Joe Tribander who is not as compulsive as I am would stand a chance with
the other casual contesters who make up the bulk of the contest activity.
Never heard anything, but CQ has implemented a similar class with their
triband and wire classification.  Good on 'em!
Dr. Bafoofnik may have something here.  We need to make contesting and
hamming attractive to a lot of new entrants, or we may just lose this hobby
sometime down the road.

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