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[CQ-Contest] Visit to England - VE7CFD

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Visit to England - VE7CFD
From: dshipman@iSTAR.ca (David Shipman)
Date: Mon Feb 2 11:12:02 1998
I will be in England from March 21st to April 13th.  As you know this
covers the time that the
CQWW WPX Phone contest is held.  This is one of my favourite contests of
the year.  I will be based in 
North London and would welcome the opportunity to operate in the contest
anywhere within
3 -4 hours drive.  A shift in a multi, or whatever you can offer,  would be
Thanks in anticipation!
David Shipman  VE7CFD  dshipman@iSTAR.ca
Telephone:- 604-926-8170

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