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[CQ-Contest] EAST vs. WEST in ARRL Sweepstakes

Subject: [CQ-Contest] EAST vs. WEST in ARRL Sweepstakes
From: 107770.3462@compuserve.com (James P. Cassidy)
Date: Tue Feb 3 00:41:23 1998
K4OJ states 5s are loud in FL.  Also in WA.  Causing the 20m op at W7RM to
aim a 4 el quad at W5 to keep the Texans off his frreq.  5 minutes later he
said a W4 tried to take the frequency and he blew him away quickly.  I
asked if he was in TX and the 20m op said he was before he heard that quad.
73 Jim KI7Y

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