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[CQ-Contest] 1997 ARRL RTTY Roundup Log's checking

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 1997 ARRL RTTY Roundup Log's checking
From: yl2kl@apollo.lv (Girts Budis YL2KL)
Date: Thu Feb 5 17:10:06 1998
Hi Billy,

How it is possible:
UA4LL have 157 mults with 485 Q's and
EU1AZ have 149 mults with 505 Q's !!!!!!!!!

I'm sure that these big multipliers are voulationn of contest rules and
mults for this stations are counted for each band
(not only once)!!!!
And nowbody cheks their logs.

For example RTTY leaders for long years have following mults (why so
                QSO'S           Mult.
CT3BX   765             115
GI0KOW  886             110
GW5NF   644             93
OH2LU   459             79
OT7E            636             100
UT0I            700             92
V31JU           637             84
VP5B            571             88
XQ1ABF  550             98

N1RCT   753             92
K1AM            1126            118
K3MM            1253            115
aa4nc           962             109
AA5AU   1092            104
 e.t.c., I think enaugh......

If I'll do same way of score calculation in the ARRL Roundup '98, I'll got

664 Q points x 191 = 163305 and it w'll be best result for DX in SO HP

The same way of calculation is done by RN3QO in Roundup '98 SO LP.
he have 421 Q's with 156 mults (with 117 country mults), but nowbody other
in this contest no worked more than 69(OT8T) countries.
And with your "log checking method" he w'll be on the top in SO LP!!!!!

For RTTY Roundup 99 You can cahange rules or chek some logs!!!!


Girts (YL2KL & YL8M)

Girts Budis <yl2kl@apollo.lv>
P.O.Box 19, Ainazi

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