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Subject: [CQ-Contest] 1998 ONTARIO QSO PARTY
From: ve3sre@compuserve.com (Bob Chandler)
Date: Fri Feb 6 20:20:17 1998
Hi all!.

The 2nd Annual Ontario QSO Party will be running the weekend of April
25-26, 1998 from 18:00 UTC on the Saturday to 18:00 UTC on the Sunday. 
There have been significant rule changes since our first contest last year.
 The rules and entry forms have been posted on the ODXA website at

If you don't have web access and need a copy of the rules in textfile
format feel free to drop me a short e-mail note at ve3sre@compuserve.com.

It seems like April 25-26th will be a busy weekend with QSO parties in
Nebraska, Florida and Ontario along with the Swiss contest!

73 de Bob VE3SRE

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