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[CQ-Contest] Contest Reminder

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Reminder
From: Ron-Stailey@easy.com (Ron Stailey, K5DJ)
Date: Mon Feb 9 10:45:14 1998
Reminder, next weekend Feb 14-15 is the World-Wide RTTY WPX Contest. There 
are 44 great looking plaques up for grabs in this years RTTY WPX Contest. 
An all time high plaque sponsorship in any RTTY contest. We certainly 
would like to see the CW/SSB crowd participating. 

        Rules are listed at the following addresses:

LA9HW RTTY Page           http://home.sn.no/~janalme/RTTY.html
Jim's Gazette             http://www.n2hos.com/digital
N1RCT Web Site            http://www.megalink.net/~n1rct
SM3CER Contest Service    http://www.sk3bg.se/contes

  73, de Ron K5DJ  (Editor: NCJ RTTY Contesting Column) 
                    "See us at Dayton Booth No-311" 
 WriteLog Contest S/W for Windows:   RTTY,CW,SSB,w/Sound Board Voice Keyer   
 Ron Stailey, K5DJ                   http://www.contesting.com/writelog
 504 Dove Haven Dr.                  E-Mail: k5dj@easy.com
 Round Rock, Texas 78664-5926        Phone: (512) 255-5000 
 WriteLog/Rttyrite Reflector:        majordomo@larry.wu3v.net
 WriteLog with WinRTTY nothing else is needed for RTTY contesting. See  
 our web page for more details.               


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