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[CQ-Contest] QSL'ing

Subject: [CQ-Contest] QSL'ing
From: k7fr@televar.com (Gary A. Nieborsky PE)
Date: Mon Feb 16 18:24:10 1998
Well put Fred.  I just sent off 24 no SASE/SAE cards.........plus 41 SASE. 
I don't begrudge anyone  their position regarding "To QSL or Not To QSL"
but after the amount of money we as contestors have sunk into our stations
let's not get petty over a few hundred bucks in QSL's.  I remember my quest
for 5BWAS.....some notable contest stations didn't even return my SASE. 
Think of Joe Ham with the used TS-520 and 4BTV stuck on the clothsline pole
in the back yard.  Your QSL (lack thereof) may spell the difference between
him chucking HF and joining the shack on a belt brigade and continuing to
hand out Idaho during SS.

73 Gary K7FR

PS....this is a down year QSL-wise.....only 343 domestic and 872

Snipped Pearls of Wisdom from Guru Fred:

> I still gladly answer QSL's I receive direct with direct QSL's of my own.
> And I go through several thousand QSL blanks a year.   

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