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[CQ-Contest] Outgoing "W" QSL's

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Outgoing "W" QSL's
From: wo4o@juno.com (Ric Painter)
Date: Tue Feb 17 10:20:58 1998
On Mon, 16 Feb 1998 00:44:35 -0600 "Dale L. Martin" <kg5u@hal-pc.org>
>Personally, in this day and time, I find the whole QSL thing a
>bit silly.  I look forward to when we can do it electronically.
>Dale, kg5u

I second that emotion.  While I QSL 100%, it is a challenge for me
when the sender excludes an SASE and, therefore, they go to
the bottom of the pile.  These also receive a note attached (with
Glue Stick) to my QSL which reads, "Sorry for the QSL delay.
No SASE was included.  Thanks for the QSO & QSL.  Work Wo4o
again soon!"  BTW, I believe in child labor.  I involve my two children
(ages 11 & 13)  in the QSLing process.  In fact, effective immediately,
they are designated Co-QSL Managers for Wo4o.  SASEs will be
appreciated (anything more will be a bonus).  Thanks, in advance!

73 Ric Wo4o

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