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[CQ-Contest] A diamond in the rough

Subject: [CQ-Contest] A diamond in the rough
From: n5nj@worldnet.att.net (Robert Naumann)
Date: Wed Feb 18 12:09:44 1998
>> There are more hams today than in the fifties, this is true, but how many
have gotten on
>> HF.  I know people who have upgraded and will not turn on HF rigs because
of the
>> discourteous behavior of many.  My advice to them has been to try CW.  I
takes too
>> much effort at slow code speeds to be rude.

The wisdom of this statement makes endurance of the QSLing discussion

Robert E. Naumann
also V26RN, ex KR2J, W6V, WA2OVE
Plano, TX  USA

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