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[CQ-Contest] Attn Paul, W0AD

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Attn Paul, W0AD
From: windev@inetmarket.com (Gerry Hull)
Date: Thu Feb 19 10:02:32 1998
(Sri for the bandwidth...)

A few days ago I posted a message looking for operators for a multi-multi
for ARRL CW @ K1TTTs in Peru, Mass...

Paul, W0AD, called me last night, but I was'nt home....  Apparently he
is in Stamford, CT area & did not leave a number to get back to me.

Paul, if you're getting email or someone knows how to contact you,
you're welcome to come operate.  You can reach me during the day
today (Thursday) at 603.668.4410 or evenings @ 603.547.2216.

-Gerry Hull, W1VE/VE1RM

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