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[CQ-Contest] Re: QSL's en masse

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: QSL's en masse
From: k0hb@juno.com (Hans Brakob)
Date: Thu Feb 19 10:18:11 1998

I forwarded your message to K1ZZ.  His response is attached.


Hans, K0HB/4ID

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] re: QSL's en masse
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I was reading the ARRL's lament about the DXCC program not paying for
in the new QST. I have a simple answer to their fiscal dilemma. Allow us
send stateside cards to the incoming QSL bureaus for $.20 per card. 

Tom, K5RC/7

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From: "Sumner, Dave,  K1ZZ" <dsumner@arrl.org>
To: Hans Brakob <k0hb@juno.com>, K0QB <K0QB@arrl.org>, K0TO
Cc: W6ROD <W6ROD@arrl.org>
Subject: RE: TOMK5RC@aol.com: Re: [CQ-Contest] re
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Hi Hans,

We gave this some study a couple of years ago, because (unlike the
until recently) a domestic QSL service is no longer a violation of the 
Private Express Statutes. The problem is that the incoming bureau is 
operated primarily for the benefit of the recipients of the cards,
whereas a 
domestic service would operate primarily for the benefit of the senders. 
Recipients would have less reason to keep envelopes on file if they were 
receiving mostly domestic cards.

We may yet find a way to process and deliver domestic cards economically,

unless electronic confirmation makes the issue moot.

Dave K1ZZ

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