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[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?
From: mraz@aud.alcatel.com (Kris Mraz, N5KM)
Date: Fri Feb 20 09:48:05 1998
Lee Buller wrote:
> Did anyone note in the new QST in the Board Minutes about the proposed
> changes to band allocation along with re-jiggering the Novice and Tech Plus
> privledges?
> The motion LOST, but it was an interesting idea.  What would be the impact
> on contesting of Novices and Tech Pluses were given SSB rights on 80, 40 and
> 15 meters.  

The one that DID pass that may impact contesting is the 
resolution to petition the FCC to make violating the
established band plans a violation of FCC rules
(part 97.something: "good amateur practice". This is
also the subject of this month's editorial). What I'm
envisioning is a contester calling CQ on 14233 and 
getting a notice of rules violation from the FCC.


Kris N5KM 

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