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[CQ-Contest] EU 20M Sigs 1900z Sun

Subject: [CQ-Contest] EU 20M Sigs 1900z Sun
From: w4an@contesting.com (Bill Fisher, W4AN)
Date: Sun Feb 22 14:51:01 1998
Starting at 1915Z I noted the following signals coming from Europe on 20
meters.  The band was starting down by the sound of it.  These reports are
in order of time from 1915Z to 1945Z.  Antenna was an attic dipole and RX
was a FT1000MP.  I hope this of interest to someone.

SP2FAX          +5db            700
9A1A                    +10db           KW
PA3DZN          S9                      500
OK1RF           +5DB            KW
YU7BW           S8                      KW
IT9XUC          S9                      300
II2K                    S9                      300
DK3GI           +5DB            KW
9A5D                    S8                      KW
OM3BH           +3DB            KW
EA3AR           S9                      500
EA4KA           S8              500
OZ5W                    S8                      KW
GW3YDX          S9                      500
DL0GY           S8                      750
HA5JI           S7                      KW
DL6FBL          S9                      KW
YT1R                    +5DB            KW
DL9FBS          S8                      700
G2QT                    S9                      400
DJ7AA           <S9             KW
9A7A                    S9              KW
SP2FAX          S9                      700
9A1A                    +5DB            KW
PA3DZN          S9                      500
II2K                    S8                      300
OM3RM           S8                      KW
HG5A                    S7                      KW
TM9C                    S9                      KW                      1944Z
F6FGZ           S9              KW
OT8T                    +5DB            KW
OK2ZU           S4                      500
G3UFY           S7                      400             Much QSB 

Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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