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[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?
From: aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Wed Feb 25 14:10:53 1998
On 2/23/98 4:40, Hans Brakob at k0hb@juno.com wrote:

>I vote an enthusiastic "Aye"!
>We have long sequestered the Novices and Tech+ folks away on
>tiny little frequency ghettos where they meet no-one except more 
>Novices and Tech+ licensees.  Then we are surprised that few of
>them become "mainstream" operators.  

Gee, in the distant past, Novices were allowed to operate on the same 
frequencies as everyone else within certain bands. They quickly lost 
their poor operating practices by emulating the fine operating they heard.

Then incentive licensing went into effect....

Seems ironic that over 30 years later we want to go back to the "old" 
way. While we're at it, why don't we eliminate a couple of license 

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