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[CQ-Contest] New QSY rule is a success

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New QSY rule is a success
From: kk7gw@hotmail.com (David Jones)
Date: Wed Feb 25 17:09:27 1998
>>Here is the rule from the ARRL web site (since this is in the HF 
>>rules, this definition also now applies to the Sweepstakes contest!):
>Violation of the 6 band changes rule or improper logging will result 
>in an entry reclassification to the Multi Operator Multi Transmitter 

I don't think this was discussed before, but if some M/S (won't be mine) 
decides to make more than 6 band changes an hour during SS, what 
happens?  There's not a M/2 or M/M class in SS.  The only choice would 
be to DQ, and that just might encourage some "creative logging".  

Just a thought, should be interesting to try this out during DX SSB and 
then during SS.


David Jones, KK7GW   

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