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[CQ-Contest] Skewed paths

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Skewed paths
From: thompson@mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)
Date: Thu Feb 26 12:36:21 1998
In addition to the asia path that K4BAI mentions I have found these paths...

40 meters.  4J1 or OH0 peaking over North Africa.

15 or 10 meters.  Working JA over the South pacific.  Probably scatter.

15 or 10 meters.  Working EU (mainly Italy, Yugoslavia, maybe Spain over
Africa (anywhere from 80 to 110 degrees).  Again scatter.

I have never found the late night path that they get in W5/0/7/6 to the
middle East on 10 or 15.  I do get LA and OH stations in my morning 1200 to
1400Z on 40 meters short path.

I seldom get the long path opening that the west coast gets to EU/Asia on 80
or 40.  I see them posted but its nil at 12-1300Z.

Some stations at the antipodes from Atlanta (VK6, FT5X, Heard Is) can come
from almost any direction.  Strongest is direct or long path but I worked a
VK6 on 40 peaking at 5 degrees (almost N).  I watched FT8WA on 20 10 years
ago come from the West, then the NW, then switch to straight SP..all at 58
to 59.

Dave K4JRB   

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