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[CQ-Contest] RTTY Roundup/PSK31

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RTTY Roundup/PSK31
From: AA4NC@aol.com (AA4NC@aol.com)
Date: Tue Jan 2 22:48:13 2001
Last year there was a fair amount of activity in PSK31 during the RTTY 
Roundup. I expect this year will be even bigger for PSK31, so I'm trying to 
gear up a bit. I have two questions:

In reading the rules, I find no mention of whether or not you are allowed to 
work a station on a different mode on the same band. (i.e -  Can I work W4XX 
on 20m Baudot, then work W4XX later on 20m PSK31)? I would think not, but 
there seems to be no specific prohibition against it.  For those of you who 
used both modes last year, is that the way it's done?

I'm using Digipan on PSK31. Does its log file import to WF1B, or am I better 
off hand logging and adding it in later?



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