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[CQ-Contest] Exchange info in Summaries

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Exchange info in Summaries
From: mwdink@eskimo.com (Michael Dinkelman)
Date: Wed Jan 3 04:59:20 2001
Hello all

One of the members of the list (who I'll
not name unless he wants to come forward) 
made a perfectly valid point to me tonight. 
One I guess that hadn't occurred to my simplistic
mind. In fact, I've delayed sending out tonight's
summaries just because of his point. 

"....exchange info in the score rumors is a bad idea"

In this case, the grid info is being published by
those reporting their results in the Stew Perry
contest. I can see where this would lead to
easy cheating or "verification". 

In the past, other exchange info such as 
states and sections have been offered up. Before
the 3830 Web page came up, it was normal for most
people to just post their entire contest summary 
sheet (usually including a sample exchange). Master
databases have made copying the exchange in most 
contests a matter of verification rather than copy

Maybe this example is most glaring because the 
grid is the only info exchanged? Yet, anybody 
could go to QRZ.com or search CD-ROM (on
packet or on their computer) and obtain grid info or 
most anything else for very little effort.

These are your summaries. I'm just collecting the info
and (trying to) present it an easily readable form.
To me, I find grid squares even more interesting
as a comparison point (being smaller) in comparing
scores than a state or section. However, I 
certainly don't want to make cheating easier.
I feel I can make a case for either side..... 

I would really like a consensus.
Should ANY exchange info be shown in the summaries
and if so, what is the limit?

dink, n7wa  (just sitting on the fence - ouch!)

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