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[CQ-Contest] Exchange info in Summaries

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Exchange info in Summaries
From: k1ir@designet.com (Jim Idelson)
Date: Wed Jan 3 09:02:30 2001

Cheating will be done with or without your assistance. However, the vast 
majority play contest for fun and don't do significant cheating. Your reported 
scores generally come from the top ops with the loudest signals - whose 
exchanges are often the easiest to copy and show up in the log more than once. 
And, the information you publish is useful not only for the questionable 
purpose of correcting logs before sending them in to the sponsor, but also for 
early analysis of results and planning strategy for next year. I would not 
recommend withholding useful information to combat cheating.


Jim k1IR

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