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[CQ-Contest] HELP - GOT to get "Contest" active from New QTH in 2001

Subject: [CQ-Contest] HELP - GOT to get "Contest" active from New QTH in 2001
From: Rob.Hammond@eu.sony.com (Hammond, Rob EU-Pencoed)
Date: Tue Jan 9 13:57:58 2001
After nearly getting Hypothermia in the ARRL-10M contest & ruining one nice
PII laptop in the process ( that's why I've not submitted the log ) , Winter
mountain topping for Contests is OUT !!!!. So it brings me back down to the
old dilemma. How the hell do I get a narrowly competitive station for

Situation is like this
1. -My new QTH is located in quite a small Cul-de-sac of houses - Antennas
are not allowed ( but I've already put a mutliband vertical at 30'
      with wire radials & no one seems to be too concerned but I do have to
use caution here & can't just put up anything I want )
     & put a 4 Element monobander for 10 in it's place for a weekend ( until
the weather dropped out ). Any thing I put up will be semi-

2. - I've been out of University only just over a year so I've not got
hundreds of spare notes waiting to be spent on equipment

3. - I have a large attic 21'W x 20'B x 12'H ( Full of antennas which are
working well at 100W (no EMC problems )

I would like to operate on all bands. Not all bands on one contest but my
aim is to operate as many as possible all different kinds on all different
bands , to get as much experience as quickly as possible.
My idea was :
Get some chainlink galvanized steel fencing in a few rolls ( enough to cover
the lawn ) . Get a good mutliband vertical HF6V or similar. Roll out the
fencing when I want to operate, roll back up when finished.  2nd Antenna (
if possible ). Put a 6ft High Ground post in place with swivel clamps. When
a contest weekend is pending & I can have a semi permanent Beam or similar
at 35 - 40' high.  Antenna 3. Either the Trusty G5RV from the Roof to the
35' pole or a trapped sloper from the house which would be permanent.
Apart from this I have inverted V's for 20 & 40
Equipment is: FT847 & FT100 + MFJ434 - no Linear at moment due to my 100W
license restriction (MW5)

Suggestions as since moving QTH to here I now have a dedicated Shack room
with all Radio / computer equipment.

The other option is to take over my fellow Hams shack ( Tribander at 45' &
High G5RV ) but I don't think he'd appreciate me keeping the house awake
with my CQ's

ONE ADVANTAGE from the last QTH is I'm not surrounded by 1800ft mountains so
even the in-door ants work really well - There is a clear take off in all
directions !!!

Any help would be appreciated !!!!


Rob MW5EPA ( mw5epa@qsl.net )

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