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[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX SSB - Help?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] ARRL DX SSB - Help?
From: n1hko@arrl.net (N1HKO - Bill Fleming)
Date: Tue Jan 9 09:25:55 2001
Hello All,

I have both good and bad news related to ARRL 2001 SSB. After
much work and testing here at N1HKO, I have been looking forward
to a turning in a competitive score for this years tests.

The good news - sort of - is that I may still have the weekend free
to operate. The bad news - I will be in KP4! Not really bad news as
it goes - but, difficult to operate N1HKO.

Does anyone know where or how I can find an available station in
KP4 at this late date? I need to resolve this quickly as I my must
finalize travel plans. Currently, I am scheduled to return March 3 -
smack dab in the middle of the test. I will extend my stay if I can
find a seat. I've sent an inquiry to NP4Z via email.

Any other ideas?

Bill Fleming
Amateur Radio Station(s) - N1HKO, 8P9AM, PJ2/N1HKO, P4/N1HKO
ARES District Emergency Coordiantor - American Red Cross Liaison
RACES Radio Officer
Manchester, New Hampshire

P O Box 5973
Manchester, NH 03108-5973
(603) 647-4669

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