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[CQ-Contest] Contest Station Upgrade? ConvertaMac?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest Station Upgrade? ConvertaMac?
From: aa4lr@arrl.net (Bill Coleman)
Date: Tue Jan 9 13:53:19 2001
On 1/7/01 13:12, Paul E. Knupke, Jr. at pk@ij.net wrote:

 >The answer is generally no.   The Macs use a whole different video standard
 >than the VGA and SVGA standard used in the PC world.

Not true for the multi-sync monitors! Although the connector is
different, you can adapt the older DB-15 connection to VGA.

 >  I guess there has
 >never been enough demand for a mac monitor to vga convertor.  I checked out
 >the only place I could think that might carry anything like that, Blackbox
 >doesn't even have one.

They used to carry them at CompUSA.

 >If the question was to use a SVGA monitor with a Mac, there are converters
 >for that though.

Well, some Macs don't need a converter. For a while, Macs were using the
VGA style connector. My G4 tower is one of them.

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