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[CQ-Contest] Higher VS Lower

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Higher VS Lower
From: Rob.Hammond@eu.sony.com (Hammond, Rob EU-Pencoed)
Date: Wed Jan 10 08:34:16 2001
In the past year, I've done a lot of operating HF both mobile & from
Mountain top locations. The other week, I noticed something strange. Whilst
High up on the mountain, Propagation was not spectacular on 10. I was
working with a highish vertical antenna at 1800ft up with a clear take off
in all directions. In the valley below, I could here a fellow Ham I know,
who has nothing more than this working guys all over the place. This has
been observed many times on 10M. Makes me wonder whether the mountain top is
always the best place to be. Had there been a contest on, I would have been
better off in the house. Any opinions on this ?


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