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[CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Florida Contest Group CW NAQP Activities
From: wd4ahz@gte.net (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Wed Jan 10 13:51:53 2001
Fellow Contesters,

The Amateurs of Florida have, for the past couple of months, taken
lot's of ribbing and abuse over the Election fiasco in our state
... many, MANY comments were made to us during the 10 Meter Contest!

While we had no control over those events, the members of the Florida
Contest Group will make an attempt to "do good", and are organizing
a massive CW NAQP effort to say "We're Sorry".  We will also make a
special certificate available, for those who make 25 QSO's with FCG
members during the CW NAQP.

Details for this special certificate are still being worked out and
will be made available shortly after NAQP.  In order to check your
logs for FCG members, we'll also include a list of FCG members who
were active in NAQP.

The Florida Contest Group

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