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[CQ-Contest] Power Inverters

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Power Inverters
From: N5RP@pdq.net (Bob, N5RP)
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:12:06 2001
At 22:12 1/9/01 -0600, jbattin wrote:
 >Not universally true (the transformer stuff)...and computers do not need a
 >good clean sine wave.
I run my computer off of a power inverter all the time. so I am aware of
their not needing a pure sine.

As for a square wave into a transformer, the math will show that the drop
from horizontal to vertical becomes dampened as a function of time, so as
to "round out" the wave pattern. It is no longer and abrupt drop, as would
be patterned in a square or rectangular pattern.

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